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Consumers what are they?

BEST ANSWER: an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.   such as:   bears, sharks, birds, mice, deer, dolphins, etc.   BETTER ANSWER (MORE)

How can you prevent prevent parent alienation?

  Educate yourself as much as possible. Educate your ex and his/her as much as possible about how harmful these behaviors are to children. Sometimes, specially during acri (MORE)

What is consumable?

Consumables can be defined as goods that are used by individuals  and corporations that must be replaced. It can also be defined as  the commodities that are intended to be (MORE)

What prevented American consumers from spending large sums of money during world war 2?

They could only buy things with their ration cards. Each stamp in their ration book let them buy a certain amount of one item. For example, if they had a stamp for butter, the (MORE)