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What was signed to prevent war after the invasion of Sudetenland?

  The question is unclear. It could be asking about the Munich Agreement which sealed the fate of Czechoslovakia without war, or it could be referring to the "Peace in Our (MORE)

President Wilson did not to prevent the another war?

    No he did not. He thought that by dividing up empires into a lot of little countries the little countries would cooperate to prevent war. It did not work that way. (MORE)

Could World war one be prevented?

It does not seem likely that a war that was based so greatly around  a fight for power could have been avoided. Without a central  government for all of Europe the struggle (MORE)

What does the War Powers Act prevent the president from doing?

The War Powers Resolution of 1973 (50 U.S.C. 1541-1548) was a United States Congress joint resolution providing that the President can send U.S. armed forces into action abroa (MORE)

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