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Is deterrence the best strategy to prevent nuclear war?

Well, yes, and a nuclear war is very unlikely to happen, because of a protocol known by every countries bearing nuclear power, mutually assured destruction. For example, if th (MORE)

How was the united nations designed to prevent global wars?

In the post-World War II era, the United Nations was formed  intentionally to prevent any further global wars (and even smaller  conflicts). To achieve this end, the designe (MORE)

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Were the causes of World War 2 avoidable or preventable?

Yes is the answer. The problem with that is that it requires hindsight & we are all very good at international politics & rewriting history with that addition. Had this happen (MORE)

President Wilson did not to prevent the another war?

    No he did not. He thought that by dividing up empires into a lot of little countries the little countries would cooperate to prevent war. It did not work that way. (MORE)

Could World war one be prevented?

It does not seem likely that a war that was based so greatly around  a fight for power could have been avoided. Without a central  government for all of Europe the struggle (MORE)

Could world war 1 been avoided or prevented?

Absolutely. At any one of dozens of junctures the historical stream  could have been diverted. If Germany had not been created as a  nation in the 1860s, through the efforts (MORE)

How did Woodrow Wilson plan to prevent wars in the future?

Via the League of Nations and several other ideas. He was not able to get any of those ideas except the League into the Treaty of Versailles, and even the League was severely (MORE)