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What does tricorporeal priapism mean?

  Answer   A painful erection not related to sexual stemuli but attributed to disease of trama to the spine in the area of T 05/06, resulting erection is to be consid (MORE)

What is a priapism?

Priapism is a persisten, abnormal, painful erection often accompanied by tenderness. This can be caused by injuries to the spinal cord or to the penis.
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Do males have priapism?

Priapism is rare, but only males can have the classic form of it. Some medical professionals will use the term not only for the problem of an erect penis, but will also use th (MORE)
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What is the best way to treat priapism?

There a few ways to treat priapism. One can treat it by applying ice to the area in an attempt to reduce the swelling. In more severe cases an intravenous injection may be nee (MORE)