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How do I get the gross price from the net price?

For when the VAT rate was 17.5%, to get the amount before VAT you needed to divide by 1.175 Now the UK VAT rate is 20%, you need to divide by 1.2 Example: If the price (MORE)

Is monopoly price a higher price?

Generally yes. In a monopoly they charge whatever price they choose because there is no competition. Governments go to great lengths to limit the impact of monopolies. In th (MORE)

What is Price and price elasticity of demand?

Price refers to the dollar value of a product, and price elasticity of demand is a measure of the responsiveness of consumers or purchasers to a change in a product's price. T (MORE)

How do you price a selling price of food?

its reather simple, really. but it depends on the food. how much is one kilo worth? then divide or times your required need, and hey-presto! your done! if you want to make (MORE)
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Is the right price a fair price?

The question is also the answer, the right price is the fair price. Who decides what is right and what is fair, the customer will decide the 'value for money' question. The (MORE)