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What is pride?

Pride is that feeling you get when you think your awesome. Inmales, pride can be a genital reference. Pride is a small word that can mean a hell of a lot.Pride can bewhen you (MORE)

What was the 'pride' in Pride and Prejudice?

The "Pride" in Pride and Prejudice relates back to mainly Mr. Darcy's pride, but also a little to Elizabeth's. Mr. Darcy is too proud to aqqaintence himself with the Bennets m (MORE)

What was the pride in Pride and Prejudice?

Mr Darcy was too proud to talk to anyone edit: both Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy where proud and prejudiced, it is only that Elizabeth thought of herself free (MORE)

Who showed pride in Pride and Prejudice?

Firstly the most prominent character who shown pride should be Darcy. Since the introduction of his character, he was thought to be proud and arrogant by the others. Besides D (MORE)

What is 'pride' in Afrikaans?

It could mean two things. When used in context - "a proud person" then the answer is "trots" i.o.w. "die persoon is trots " - also "'n trotse persoon" When used in (MORE)

What is the pride in Pride and Prejudice?

Some people think of the pride as being Darcy's attitude about his family and his position in society. But I think Lizzy had a problem with pride as well, and this is mentione (MORE)
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When do you pride?

Different people find pride in different things. Some are proud of the country they come from, or a sports team. Others find pride in doing volunteer work, doing something lik (MORE)