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What is a priest?

A priest is a member of the clergy of the Catholic Church. A priest can administer most of the sacraments, say mass and transform bread into His Body and wine into His Most Pr (MORE)
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What are priests?

Roman Catholic AnswerA priest is one who is set aside to offer sacrificial offerings to the Almighty. The priesthood is established by God in the Old Testament to offer the sa (MORE)
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What does a priest do?

Like every Christian, a priest is foremost a follower of Jesus Christ, trying to live as Jesus taught us. But a priest has a particular role. Firstly he or she represents the (MORE)
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What is the priest?

They give a sacrifice to God everyday    Roman Catholic AnswerA priest is a man chosen by God and ordained through the sacrament of Holy Orders by which Christ unceasingl (MORE)
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How does a priest address another priest?

The same as anyone else, Father. if however they know each other, like anyone in similar professions, by name.   It is considered good form among priests to address each (MORE)
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What does a priest have to do to become a priest?

    The question should be "What does a lay person have to do to become a priest?" or "What did a priest have to do to become a priest?" It depends on the religion: (MORE)
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Are Franciscan priests Catholic priests?

Franciscans priests, known as friars, are Catholic priests who are members of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM). There are several branches of Franciscans such as the Capuchin F (MORE)
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Can a priest ever be unmade a priest?

Yes they can. I have known two or three former priests that quit the priesthood. I guess it is a long process, but they can do it with time. A priest that is ordained a priest (MORE)
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What does a priest do that makes them a priest?

A priest, in general terms, is needed to explain God's word to the worshippers and to talk to God for the worshippers, as in the rite of 'Confession'. The theory is that the (MORE)