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Do Buddhists have priests?

No. Men who dedicate their lives to a Buddhist monastic way of life are Monks and women are Nuns. Any person with sufficient knowledge can lead a Buddhist ritual. Monks or N (MORE)
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What does it take to be a priest?

Roman Catholic Answer Primarily it takes a vocation, which as the word implies, is a call from God. If one is called by God, and one is never sure until his ordination when th (MORE)
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Who was the first priest?

The first priest was Melchizedek.    Roman Catholic AnswerUnder the original covenant, the head of every family was a priest. Later, when things went awry with the golden (MORE)
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What is feminine of priest?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for a male or a female, for example: The noun for a male is priest; the noun for a fema (MORE)
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What priests do for the community?

    Priests do a variety of things for the community/parish . Primarily they help with everything church based . They are the ones whom do funeral masses , they as wel (MORE)
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Are Franciscan priests Catholic priests?

Franciscans priests, known as friars, are Catholic priests who are members of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM). There are several branches of Franciscans such as the Capuchin F (MORE)
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Duties of a priest?

A priest performs religious duties and rituals such as prayers,mass,religious ceremonies such as baptize,sermons,marriage,funerals,hear confessions ,give advice for the spirit (MORE)
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Why do Catholics have to have a priest?

Answer   A Priest is to the Kingdom of Heaven what a public servant is to the State. He is there to provide the benefits of the Kingdom of heaven to those authorised to r (MORE)
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Where do priests train?

Candidates for the Roman Catholic priesthood are trained in religious facilities known as 'seminaries', where they study three years of philosophy, followed by four years of t (MORE)
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How are priests vested?

Anglo Catholic Answer: Our priests wear a clerical shirt with a priest's collar and black pants or, alternatively, a cassock with a collar. For liturgical purposes they we (MORE)