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Who was the father of priesthood?

In most Christian organizations, the priesthood is considered thepower or the authority to act in God's name or to lead and directpeople as God would. Therefore it could be sa (MORE)
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How can you exercise your priesthood?

  We exercise our priesthood when we participate in the offering of the holy eucharist in the is one of Jesus' three fold mission.    
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What is priesthood?

Priest is one who offers sacrifice to God, under the Old Covenant the chosen people were constituted by God as "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." (Exodus 19:6; cf. Isai (MORE)

What is the common priesthood?

Common priesthood probably refers to the priesthood of all believers and is conferred at baptism. Each individual Christian is baptized as a priest, prophet, and king, and, as (MORE)
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What is ordained priesthood?

its quite similar as the priesthood of the faithful. Its when the priests become ordained and are consecrated to now serve the body of Christ. Hope this satisfies your questio (MORE)

What is hierarchy of your priesthood?

The hierarchy of the priesthood of the Catholic church has the Pope at the top. Archbishops (sometimes Cardinals) run large archdioceses. Archdioceses are usually the most imp (MORE)

What types of priesthoods are there?

diocesan priests are affiliated to diocesan bishop, society priests to the society, religious priests to the religious institutes and secular priests are incardinated into par (MORE)

What is the Mormon priesthood?

The Priesthood in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) is the authority to hold leadership positions and perform various ordinances in the Chu (MORE)

What is the Institution of the Priesthood?

The institution of the Catholic priesthood occurred at the Last Supper.  The Lord Jesus took bread and wine, and transformed them into his body and blood (Eucharist).  The L (MORE)