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How do you beat primal Dialga?

If you are at Level 40 or up, you should not have problem defeating  him. Be sure to bring lots of items. Use Sleep Seeds and X-Eye  Seeds to stop Primal Dialga for a few tu (MORE)

What are the three types of road rage?

There are three distinctive types of Road Rage: The ones we easily recognise: The Epic: Cutting off the other driver, Chasing, fighting, Blocking, weapons. The Verbal: C (MORE)

How does your dragon become primal?

You have to have a dragon amulet and complete the great fire war saga at Vulgars in battleon. After you have completed it go to lady Celestia then click elementize. click (MORE)

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What is computer rage?

  Answer   When you get mad at a computer for some reason and start yelling at it, maybe beating it up :D
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How much health does primal Dialga have?

If you can, use smokescreen and keep using either fire of fighting moves, or both charmander can learn smokescreen totodile can learn superpower use sleep seeds stun s (MORE)

Is there a primal palkia?

Not in Diamond,Pear or Platinum, Except if you download a hacked  version that changes their sprites.   Primal Dialga and Palkia can be found in Mystery Dungeo: Explorers (MORE)

Action Replay code for Primal Dialga?

Primal Dialga in Explorers of Time:    122AD6E8 00000228    Explorers of Darkness code:    122AD690 00000228     Explorers of Sky code:   (MORE)
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Where do you meet lance in the lake of rage?

When You Fight Or Faint The Red Gyrados By Using Surf. He Will Come When You Reach Land To Tell You that Something Happened With them. He Is Also A Champion In The Elite 4. He (MORE)