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What are primates?

They are animals like monkeys. Examples include chimpanzees, gorillas, lemurs, and marmosets. We are evolved from primates, but I don't think we are considered primates.
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What is a primate?

Primates are an order of mammal that does not have any particular characterising defining features; however, their evolution does have characteristic trends including: forwa ( Full Answer )
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Characteristics of primates?

Some characteristics of primates include their hairy bodies,intelligence, and long limbs. They are the closest genetic relativeto humans in the animal kingdom.
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Are humans Primates?

Yes, humans are primates. But, one of the differences is, humans don't have hands for feet. The reason humans are primates is, we can both walk on 2 legs, we both have hands, ( Full Answer )
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What is the smallest primate?

The smallest primate is the Mouse Lemur, Microcebus murinus . Males and females both weigh about 60 grams (about 2 ounces). There are several sites on the web claiming it ( Full Answer )
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Why were primates called primates?

Primate originated as a word to describe a leader, especially a religious one. The root word "prime" means "first" The word is probably given to primates because it is amon ( Full Answer )
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How do you get primate?

You ARE a primate! Humans, or Homo sapiens , are a member of the Primate order. DON'T even think about getting a non-human primate as a pet, it may be against the law wher ( Full Answer )
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Can you raise a primate?

It can be done, but is extremely hard and only for the trained and skilled. Primates especially the large ones can be very difficult and vicious. Primates won't really hurt yo ( Full Answer )
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Do primates have backbones?

Yes they do. A primate belongs to a group of animals called vertebrates and they all have backbones and 7 vertebrae. All vertebrates have a backbone.
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Are jaguars primates?

No, jaguars are felines. They belong to the family of cats. Primates include monkeys, baboon and chimpanzee.