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Who is the Prime Minister of Japan?

Abe Shinzō is the Prime Minister of Japan. Abe led the Liberal Democratic Party to victory in the 2012 December election, officially becoming the Prime Minister on December (MORE)

Who was Prime Minister of Australia during World War 1?

There were actually a total of three Prime Ministers throughout the span of World War I. When the war broke out in July of 1914, the Prime Minister was Joseph Cook, who held t (MORE)

Who was prime minister in world war 1?

Answer   (These are Australian Prime Ministers)   Joseph Cook (briefly), then Andrew Fisher, followed by William "Billy" Morris Hughes from 1915.   in UK: Asquith f (MORE)

Who was prime minister of Japan during World War 2?

  There are 3 Prime Ministers during World War 2, each succeeding the previous: Hideki Tojo, Kuniachi Koiso, and Kantaro Suzuki. Tojo served as War Minister and was put on (MORE)
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Who was the first prime minister of japan?

The first Prime Minister of Japan was Itō Hirobumi. He was elected on 22 December 1885, and left office on 30 April 1888. He was also the 5th, 7th and 10th Prime Minister. He (MORE)
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How old is the Prime Minister of Japan?

The prime minister has changed since you asked this question. The current prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, who took office on September 2, 2011, is 54 years old, having been bo (MORE)

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