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How do you get primer out of clothing?

you might wanna put some hair conditioner on it with a paint brush over night then GENTLY rub it if that don't do it then wait another night after putting more conditioner
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How do i Prep for primer?

Answer . If you are priming bodywork, filler; be sure to finish all filler in 180 grit sandpaper, then feather edge paint starting with 180 grit, finishing with 320 grit. T (MORE)

What is primer used for?

there are many types of primer. eye primer- used so that eyeshadow or eyeliner will not crease throughout the day. foundation primer- used after applying foundation it will gi (MORE)

What is a 209 primer?

  Well.........   As far as I know, a 209 primer isn't a paint primer at all. It is an ignition source for the powder in a bullet. There are a few different types, 209 (MORE)

What is a paint primer?

A paint primer is the first coat put on a surface to ensure that the following coats of paint will adhere more closely to the surface. This is very common in house or automobi (MORE)

How do you make a primer?

  you form a cup and then place an anvil an priming compound in it.
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What is a primer in biology?

Primer is a piece of mRNA that replicates first in the DNA replication. The creation of primer is facilitated by the enzyme called PRIMASE which facilitates DNA replication al (MORE)
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What is face primer?

Face primer is a clear gel, liquid or cream put on the face prior to applying foundation and/or powder. It fills pores, smoothes the skin and helps foundation adhere better an (MORE)
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What is universal primer?

Universal primers are really not 'universal' in the sense that they will bind to anything. Universal is kind of a misnomer. Really, universal primers are PCR/sequencing prim (MORE)

What is function of primer?

A primer is a starting point. In my early school days, we passed through primers 1 to 4 in which we picked up the skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and rudimentary gramm (MORE)