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What is a primeval atom?

A primeval atom is the term sometimes used to describe the Big Bang beginning. Quantum theory says this original seed was the size of an apple, Relativity says it was smaller ( Full Answer )
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What is primeval about?

Primeval is a Brith tv show origanally aired on ITV. The show isabout dinosaurs coming through anomilies in time it is currently inits 6th series it is unkown when it will air ( Full Answer )
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When is primeval set?

Primeval series are set in the time that they were aired: so, the latest series is set now.
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Is primeval out of buissness?

At the end of Series 3, the company didn't have enough funding to keep producing Primeval Episodes, but they are back with Series 4 and will go on to do Series 5 this winter.
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What happens in primeval?

primeval is a drama season in witch a teem of scientists discover time portals called anomaly and protect the earth from creatures from the past and future
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When is the primeval period?

There isn't actually such a thing as the primeval period. The term Primeval refers to ancient periods of time.
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Who created primeval?

Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges created it in 2006 before the show was broadcast in 2007
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What are the creatures from primeval?

Here's a list (Note that some are from the future and therefore made up) Series One: Gorgonopsid, Coelurosauravus, Scutosaurus, Arthropleura, Mesathelae, Mosasaurus, Hespironi ( Full Answer )
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When will primeval be released?

If you mean the ITV1 television series the first three are already on DVD and the fourth season will air on ITV1 in several weeks and will be on DVD on February 11. There is n ( Full Answer )
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Who died in primeval?

Nick Cutter died in series 3 after being shot by his insane wife Helen Cutter. Sarah Paige got attacked by a future predetor and died of screen. Stephen hart locked himself in ( Full Answer )