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What is primitive and non-primitive culture?

Primitive culture refers to a society that does not havedevelopment or sophistication for example a hunter-gather society.Non-primitive culture on the other hand is a society ( Full Answer )
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What are primitive variables?

Primitive variables are variables that are not objects and carry primitive values like numbers, boolean etc. The primitive data types in java are: . int . byte . float . ( Full Answer )
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What is a primitive triad?

In the thirty-second Triad of the "Mystery of the Bards" it is said that when the soul inherits Gwynnfyd, that is to say, Happiness, three supreme gifts--once, long ago, its c ( Full Answer )
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What is a primitive campground?

Many "primitive" campgrounds are located in wilderness areas on federal or state land. Generally, a "primitive" campground means one with few, little, or NO improvements. Bas ( Full Answer )
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What is primitive and non primitive cell?

Primitive unit cells use every lattice point as a unit cell vertex. Non-primitive unit cells, however, contain extra lattice points not at the corners.
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What is primitive in java?

That refers to primitive (or simple) data types - data that is not stored in objects. This includes boolean, int, long, float and double.
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What is primitive variables?

variable declared with primitive datatype are called as primitive variable. ex: short s=12; char ch='a'; here in above case ch,s are declared with primitive datatype of short ( Full Answer )
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Why are monotremes primitive?

Monotremes are no longer regard as the primitive mammals they were once thought to be. Scientific thought now recognises their unique adaptations and specialised characteristi ( Full Answer )
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What is primitive and non primitive?

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What is primitive and non-primitive cell?

Primitive cell:unit cell which consists only one lattice point iscalled primitive cell eg; simple cubic (SC) non-primitive cell : unit cell which consists of more than lattice ( Full Answer )