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How do you kill the sand monster in prince of Persia the 2 thrones?

there are two ways you can get to the top of his head,the first way is jumping on some planks,but remember,he might punch the top you have to do a speed kill.if you fai (MORE)

How do you beat Prince of Persia The Sands of Time?

through out youre jorney of the gods you need to 1st level find the dagger bye getting on top of the man statue 2nt level deafeat the sand monsters 3th level find out what tho (MORE)

How can you download prince of Persia sands of time crack folder?

if you have (BIT TORRENT) then just go to the website (the pirate bay) ,top 100,games ,and enter in the box prince of Persia crack.and just click down in the list which one yo (MORE)