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How do you kill the warrior in prince of Persia 2008?

  The only way you can kill the warrior is throwing him out from the edge of the floor. Keep attacking him with your sword (square button in ps3) and push him to the edge (MORE)

How do you kill giant in Prince of Persia two thrones?

There are two ways to kill the giant and u have to perform both. You have to find ways to go to the level of the face of the giant. I have forgotten the ways but you can get h (MORE)

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Cd-key for prince of Persia two thrones?

Its illegal to provide information that can release security codes on game applications when that application is potentially a copy of the original. FAST- Federation Against S (MORE)

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What are the prince of Persia games in order?

The games were released in the following order: 1989, Prince of Persia 1994, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame 1999, Prince of Persia 3D 2003, The Sands of (MORE)

How do you defeat the warrior on Prince of Persia?

The warrior can't be hurt by magic or your blade. Lure the warrior close to an edge, and then try to dodge around him so that he is close to the edge, and you are pushing him (MORE)

What is Persia?

Persia describes the modern region of Iran. It was named after a province in southwestern Iran, which is now called Fars, but was then called Pars. Pars eventually was called (MORE)