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What was Prince Philip prince of?

I am answering this presuming that you are referring to the current Prince Phillip of England, husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Phillip is by birth a Prince in Greece a (MORE)

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Why is Prince Philip not called the King?

Philip is not a king. He is the husband of the British Queen who isthe person who is the head of state and who inherited the Britishthrone when her Father died. In Britain, on (MORE)

Why is Prince Philip not king Philip?

In the United Kingdom, marrying a ruling Queen does not make you a King. In some countries it does - a 'commoner' could marry the Queen, and become a king in his own right, wi (MORE)

Why is Prince Philip a prince?

Prince Philip is a Prince Consort to the Queen. In the UK, a Queen can be Queen regnant (a female monarch) or Queen consort (wife of the king). However on the male side, King (MORE)
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How is Prince Philip related to the romanovs?

He is of the Mountbatten, originally Battenberg ( named altered as it sounded too German) family, as was the famous Admiral Lord Lewis. - He was a cousin to- you know who, Ana (MORE)

Prince Philip full name?

According to Wikipedia and since he is married to the Queen his full title His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth, Baron Greenwich, Royal K (MORE)

Why isnt Prince Philip king?

The consort of a female Monarch is never, in the United Kingdom, accorded the courtesy title of 'King Consort', although the wife of a male Monarch is! Thus, the husband of Qu (MORE)

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