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What is a court musician?

A court musician is a musician that composes music for only 1 person(or family), like Beethoven lived with a royal family and he was treated basically like a servant, but was (MORE)

What are duties of a musician?

  The duties of a musician--- To be trained in their field, , to have and know what songs or music they will need to use for a particular singer. To arrange a piece of mus (MORE)

Where did Georges Bizet travel as a musician?

Georges Bizet was a brilliant pianist and traveled through Italy  performing with great success. When he returned to Paris, and  attempted to find acceptance for his operas, (MORE)

Have any rock musicians ever been charged with inciting to Riot?

Many, many and many rock musicians have been arrested for inciting a riot while onstage. September 11, 2010: Sam Adams was arrested in Kansas State University while giving a f (MORE)

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