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What is Principal Empowerment?

refers to the policy of empowering all school heads with instructional, administrative and management authority, accountability and responsibility over-all personnel, physical (MORE)

Is there a principal in college?

No, there are deans who are in charge of various departments like, student life, admissions, etc.
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What is a principal procedure?

A principal procedure is one that was performed for definitive treatment rather than for diagnosis or exploratory purposes, or one necessary to take care of a complication.

What is principal of accounting?

The most important of the accounting is to comply with generally accepted accounting principles and standards and norms that conducted by accounting organizations. Accounting (MORE)

What is the principal of tachogenerator?

Tachogenerators are AC or DC generators that output a voltage in proportion to the rotational speed of a shaft on a rotating electrical machine (electric motor), and thus are (MORE)

Letter to the principal?

To, The Principal, Podar International School, sector-36, nerul, navi mumbai-400706, 20th february 2012. Subject:granting leave for 3 due to illness Respected sir, I XX of cla (MORE)
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Why is Monaco a principality?

It's a principality because it was originally a small part of the ancient Kingdom of Aragon. monaco is a principality because it is ruled by a prince
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What is a principal of a bond?

The principal of a bond is the amount of a bond that interest rates are paid on by the person issuing it. I like to think of it as the initial amount the bond is worth. Examp (MORE)