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What do mortgage brokers do?

What do mortgage brokers do. . Mortgage brokers do not lend money.. The have knowledge of the lending market, and guide potential buyers, who need to find a mortgage to p (MORE)
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What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a person who interediates in the process of mortgage loans for individuals or businesses. Basically, mortgage brokers sell mortgage products, however, in (MORE)

Can a broker be both a broker and reinsurance broker?

Are you pertaining to being both a direct insurance and reinsurance broker at the same time? It probably depends on the Insurance Laws in your country. In the Philippines, you (MORE)

How can you get a broker?

To get a broker first you have to decide what sort of trading do  you want to do.   There are a lot of different kinds of brokers and each one is  specialize in a differ (MORE)

Who is a sub broker?

A sub broker is intemediatery channel of Broker who serves the services of its broker to clients and gets some commission. Sub broker of stock market, commodity market curre (MORE)

Who is best broker?

If you are looking to trade the Australian market then you should try amscot Stockbroking. They have the best rates for online trading and specialise in active traders. They a (MORE)

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