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Principle of stroboscope?

The principle of a stroboscope is to study rotating, reciprocating,  oscillating, or vibrations in objects. A stroboscope is used to  make cyclically moving objects appear s (MORE)

What is the gamaliel principle?

Gamaliel's Priciple is a philosophical concept derived from a speech attributed by Acts of the Apostles to Gamaliel I (Acts 5:34): Then stood there up one in the council, na (MORE)

What is the principle of ahimsa?

"Ahimsa" is a term meaning to do no harm (literally: the avoidance of violence - himsa). It is a Sankrit word. On a very superficial level (or for the lay-man), it is defined (MORE)

What is Gamaliel's principle?

In Acts 5:34-39 Gamaliel's principle can be found. After Stephen defends himself before the Sanhedrin Gamaliel decides that "For if their purpose or activity is of human origi (MORE)
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What are the principle of maturation?

According to Oxford, the principle of maturation "suggests that  children achieve their individuality by becoming progressively  differentiated from their fellows with every (MORE)

What is that principle of dominance?

That one gene expresses most or all of a trait over another variation of that gene ( recessive allele ) and in heterozygous condition, Aa. This does not mean the gene " domina (MORE)
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What is principle of sonar?

When ultrasonics waves is transmitted through water, it is reflected by the object in the water and will produce an echo signal. By noting the time interval between the gene (MORE)
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What is Bernoulli's Principle and Pascal's Principle?

Pascal's Principe is the rule that when force is applied to a confined fluid the increase in pressure is transmitted equally to all parts of the fluid.Bernoulli's principle is (MORE)
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What are the principle of reversibility?

Reversibilty is all about your fittness and how you can come back from an injury.     Reversibility is the ability on the body to undo training. for example. you have (MORE)

What is the principle of radar?

The basic idea behind radar is very simple: a signal is transmitted, it bounces off an object and it is later received by some type of receiver. This is like the type of thing (MORE)