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What is the entropy of the universe?

We use "entropy of the universe" or Suniv. as a phrase that means the sum of all the entropy. This is useful when we describe the spontaneity of a reaction - a reaction will b (MORE)

Can entropy be negative?

I am not sure whether you refer to delta S (change in entropy) or entropy itself. So I'll answer for both. For S (entropy), which is defined by the function S=kln(omega), wher (MORE)
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What is meant by entropy?

  Entropy is a measure of the amount of disorder a system has. More accurately the amount of work that can be extracted from a system. The more entropy a system has the le (MORE)

What does entropy measure?

Entropy is the inclination for things to increase their level of  disorder.    eg. If you buy a puzzle in a box and you shake it really hard the  pieces become more d (MORE)

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Can entropy be reversed?

You've likely seen this, but: THERE IS AS YET INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR A MEANINGFUL ANSWER. We simply don't know enough about the source of energy to know. Were an absolu (MORE)
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Enthalpy vs entropy what is the difference?

ENTHALPHY: Is the energy content of a process (chemical, thermodynamic, mechanical, etc) that can be recovered. It is also described as useful energy. ENTROPY: Is the energy (MORE)
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Examples of entropy?

There are macroscopic and microscopic examples of increasing entropy, all of which are also examples of increasing disorder and randomness. Macroscopic: Watch yourself get ol (MORE)
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Why is entropy described as an extensive property?

  Entropy says that any closed system will become more disordered over time. If there are only a small number of parts in the system (say 3), then there is 1 correct order (MORE)

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