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What is continuous printing?

  Printing on a continuous "web" of paper from large uncut reels. Because there is no need to feed sheets of paper the press can run much faster and paper can be bought wh (MORE)

How do you print on iPad?

First of all, you need an AirPrint compatible printer and a wireless netowrk. Printing varies on different apps, but you can usually find a Print option in the Settings menu o (MORE)

How do you print from an iPad?

If you do not have a wireless printer then what you can do is attach the document to your e-mail and send it to yourself. Then get on a computer and print it from your e-mail (MORE)

What is a print bleed for printing?

Print bleed refers to having an oversized print file (usually 1/8"  each side). This extra area is trimmed off once print job is  complete. This leave the final piece with a (MORE)

How do you print on a transparency?

 Get transparency (overhead) film MADE FOR YOUR TYPE OF PRINTER (bubblejet OR laser they are different and print at different temperatures and with different chemistry!)  P (MORE)

How do you print from your iPad?

The iPad is designed to work with the latest wireless printers (See links below). There is a AirPrint Hacktivator which will turn on the AirPrint features to let you print to (MORE)

What are print and non print materials?

Print materials can be described as all printed materials like  books, maps, journals, photos, newspapers etc while non-print  materials are formats with special characters (MORE)
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What is a print?

An original print is a work of art created by hand and printed by  hand, either by the artist or by a professional assistant, from a  plate, block, stone, or stencil that ha (MORE)