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What is a priory close?

  A priory was a place that housed members of a religious order in the Catholic Church. The Priory Close referred to the totality of building involved in that accomodation (MORE)
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How does Sion Corn get to houses in Wales?

He comes down the chimney. Siôn Corn is the welsh name for Santa Claus. "Siôn" is the Welsh version of John and "Corn" comes from "corn simne" meaning "chimney stack".

What word that ends with ssion or sion?

Some words that end with ssion or sion: accession. admission. concession. concussion. compassion. commission. confession. compression. decompression. decommission. digressio (MORE)
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De to sion words?

Decide-decision, Explode-explosion, intrude-intrusion, divide-division,invade-invasion, conclude-conclusion, allude-allusion, protrude-protrusion,exclude-exclusion :D the rule (MORE)
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Was Josemaria Escriva in the Priory of Sion?

Josemaria Escriva was the founder of Opus Dei, a devout Catholic organization that is the prelature of the Vatican. It is unlikely that he has any affiliation with the Priory (MORE)

What are some words end with the suffix sion?

ANSWER abocclusion. abrasion. abscission. adhesion. admission. affusion. aggression. allusion. ambiversion. animadversion. apprehension. ascension. aspersion. aversion. avuls (MORE)

List of words that end with sion?

ANSWER words ending in-sion: abrasion">abrasion">abrasion">abrasion aggression">aggression">aggression">aggression admission">admission">admission">admission session">sess (MORE)

What does the suffix -sion mean?

The suffix -sion is typically added to a word to indicate the state  or quality of something. For instance, the word convulsion  indicates that the person/object is in the s (MORE)

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