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Why did Adolf Hitler spend time in prison?

He tried to overthrow the Bavarian government on 8 November 1923 during the so-called Hitler-Ludendorff Putsch (aka Beer Hall Putsch) but failed. He was found guilty at his tr (MORE)
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Can federal prisoners get time off for good behavior?

Yes. According to Title 18 USC 3624, individuals serving a sentence of one year or longer in Federal custody are eligible for up to 54 days of "good time" per year they've ser (MORE)

Why did Akon spend time in prison?

Hip-hop artist Akon served time in prison for three to five years due to drug dealing and theft at the age of 15. Other Criminal Records from Akon Year: 2007 Location: Trinida (MORE)

How many times did billy the kid go to prison?

four times when he was 15 or 16 and escaped through the chimney When he was ran from the law after shooting Cahill When he Killed Sheriff Brady and his deputy at the beginning (MORE)

Did Jesus Christ ever spend time in Prison?

Not to my knowledge. Assuming you're talking about when he was arrested, he spoke to Caiaphas (the Jewish high priest) first. Caiaphas took him to Pilate. He spoke to Pilate, (MORE)