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What is a Privacy Policy?

  A privacy policy is a legal document that is dealing with the information related to customers' and merchants' private profiles. Such examples could be the instance of a (MORE)

Where do you register for a credit privacy number?

Credit Privacy Numbers are free to everyone. Just make sure you do your research in terms of the legal uses of a CPN. There's plenty of information at (MORE)

What is information privacy?

Information privacy is also referred to as data privacy or data  protection. It is an aspect of information technology that deals  with the privacy of personal information s (MORE)

What is Email privacy?

This is a somewhat loaded question. Several answers could be provided within the context of legal definitions and laws, social perspectives, or solely based off the literal de (MORE)
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What is genomic privacy?

  I never heard the term before, but it may have to do with the human genome which can be used for identification, and the privacy of such personal genetic information fro (MORE)