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What is a private placement?

A private placement offering is the sale of stock, or issue of debt, of a company to private investors without the use of public market exchanges. Although the idea behind a (MORE)

What do you mean by Privatization?

Privatization is the transfer of assets from the public sector to the private sector. This is done, in most cases, to increase efficiency. ...However, the act of privatising (MORE)

What is a private funeral?

Funerals are generally open to anyone who wishes to attend. That's why the time, date and place of the funeral is published in the obituary. A private funeral is only for gu (MORE)

Why were privateers important?

Privateers were important because they provided their counntry with goods that was stolen from the other ships
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What is Commercialization and Privatization?

Privatization is used in government terms. It is when a government  program goes from being government run to being run by a private  corporation. Commercialization is when (MORE)
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What were privateers?

A privateer was a private warship, which was authorized by a country's government through an agreement (letters of marque) to attack foreign shipping. (see related question)  (MORE)

What is private domain?

Hi, Private domain means registering a domain by keeping your personal information hidden from the public by Whois privacy.I got this service by registering a domain in the (MORE)

How do you chat private?

u can use a chat site that u can make private between u and someone else like Face-Book's private chat option or durarara-chat...
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What is a private check in?

Private check-ins are typically seen at hotels, and used by celebrities. This means that the outside public does not know when a person is checking in to a place, and can also (MORE)
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What is noun of private?

The word 'private' is a noun as a word for an enlisted soldier of  the lowest rank.    The plural form 'privates' is a noun as a word for intimate parts  of the body. (MORE)