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What is a private?

Answer . A Private is a soldier of the lowest rank and wears no insignia or badge of rank.
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What is a privateer?

A privateer was a private person or warship authorised by a government or sovereign to engage in attacks on foreign enemy shipping during wartime. The authorisation took the f (MORE)
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What is privateering?

Privateering is a government gives private vessels and the crewpermission to attack foreign ships during war times. It is hiringships that are privately owned along with the c (MORE)

What is privatation?

Privatation should be the opposite of publication: a piece of writing not intended for others' eyes (eg a personal diary); or the act of creating such a work. However, mostly (MORE)

What did privateers do?

They Were Armed Private Ships With Private Captians set out to battle the british...they committed robbery also,but for slightly different reasons.They operate with permission (MORE)
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Why are private parts private?

Because...... they are private ! Because they are covered. Like when you see a regular kid go to school they usually wont have their but, chest, or peeing system exposed. The (MORE)
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Is a first private the same as private?

I'll assume you're referring to the rank of Private First Class, as there is no "first private" rank. In the US Army, you have four lower enlisted ranks. These are ranks below (MORE)

Is private browsing really private?

Depends on how private is "really private". For private browsing, cookies and history won't be saved, which means the normal people, the consumers, cannot retrieve the informa (MORE)

How private is private browsing?

In private browsing mode history, cookies, form data, cookies,temporary internet files are not stored by the browser. So otherpeople who have access to your computer can't kno (MORE)