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What is a Private Server?

A private server is a game that is public but private so you have to find it and it is usually free. People join private servers because there is a lot less traffic, and somet (MORE)

What is private law?

Private law:  Private law is that part of a civil law legal system which is part of the jus commune that involves relationships  between individuals, such as the law of cont (MORE)

Is private browsing really private?

Depends on how private is "really private". For private browsing, cookies and history won't be saved, which means the normal people, the consumers, cannot retrieve the informa (MORE)

What is a private class?

A private class is a class that cannot be directly accesed from outside its outer class, similar to a private variable or method. This means that a private class must always b (MORE)

What is a private relationship?

One that is not in the public eye. Mostly the couple meet in discrete places and hours. And very few or no one ever knows that they date.
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What were privateers?

A privateer was a private warship, which was authorized by a country's government through an agreement (letters of marque) to attack foreign shipping. (see related question)  (MORE)

What is a privateer?

A privateer was a private person or warship authorised by a government or sovereign to engage in attacks on foreign enemy shipping during wartime. The authorisation took the f (MORE)

How private is private browsing?

In private browsing mode history, cookies, form data, cookies,temporary internet files are not stored by the browser. So otherpeople who have access to your computer can't kno (MORE)
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Is private a verb?

No, it is either a noun (a military rank) or an adjective (secret,  personal, confidential). It can also be an adjective that means  "not governmental" (e.g. private enterpr (MORE)