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Who was Lyndon Johnson's Attorney General?

Bobby Kennedy was attorney general as Lyndon Johnson finished  serving as president after John F. Kennedy's assassination;  however, he did not come to work often after JFK (MORE)

Should you capitalize attorney general?

Only if you are talking about a specific person. If you're writing "US Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.," then it should be capitalized. If you're just referring to one of ma (MORE)
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Who was the first Attorney General of India?

Mr. M.C. Setalvad was the first Attorney General of India. He served from 28.01.1950 till 01.03.1963.   He was also the Chairman of the first Law Commission of independent (MORE)

What is the salary of the Virginia Attorney General?

The attorney General made $150,000. You can figure this out by looking at the Budget Planning Department where it is reported that the AG will return 2% of his salary for 6 m (MORE)

What is the job of the attorney general?

The Attorney General is the principal executive officer of the department, and is appointed by the governor. The attorney general serves as the legal advisor for the governor (MORE)

What does the US Attorney General do?

The attorney general is head of the US Department of Justice and  the chief law officer of the federal government. He or she  represents the United States in legal matters g (MORE)

Who is the attorney general of the Bahamas?

As of 2013, the Attorney General and Minister for Legal Affairs is  Allyson Maynard Gibson.
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What are the qualifications for attorney general in Louisiana?

The qualifications of a candidate for Attorney General in Louisiana  are that they be at least twenty-five years old, and be a United  States and Louisiana citizen for at le (MORE)