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Why is a private school so expensive?

When you learn private schools push your brain to the limit and test you. Plus there have good standards and need money to maintain standard.  Also, Private schools are not p (MORE)
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What is the name of a non private school?

Well, there are lots of different ones. There are private schools, which just mean you have to pay tuition like college. Then there is public school, which means anyone can go (MORE)

Is TCU a private school?

If you are referring to Texas Christian University, then yes it is a private institution located in Fort Worth Texas.

Why are private schools bad?

Private schools tend to cost a lot of money, and it really does not help your learning skills that much. The environment is too small, and there are more bullies or meanies th (MORE)

Is utpa a private school or a public school?

The University of Texas-Pan American is a state-funded public school that belongs to the University of Texas System. It is located in Edinburg, within easy driving distance to (MORE)
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What are the benefits to private school?

The benefits of private school sometimes depend on what private school it is. Some people think a benefit is smaller classes and more direct teacher student relations. Another (MORE)

Which is better private schools or state?

Since public school is paid for by taxes whether you use it or not, whereas private school is optional and therefore costs extra (even people who use private schools still pay (MORE)