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What is executive privilege?

It is the power claimed by the President and other members of the executive branch to resist other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches.
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What is privilege?

Privilege is the set of special bonuses which one group of people have and others do not.
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What is privilege banking?

Under Privilege banking the customer enjoys exclusive benefits across wide range of products & services by paying some service charge. Some of privilege service provided are a (MORE)

What does privileges mean?

Some benefit granted to you under certain conditions. For example: "You have the privelege of staying up late, if you do your homework."
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What is the poet's privilege?

A poet's true previlege is his licensciousness. Fluidity of diction and licensciousness in language is what added charm to Geoffrey Chaucer. When we describe a schoolboy by sa (MORE)
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Who can waive the privilege?

The person with the right to the particular privilege is also the one with the right to waive it .
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Are sports a privilege?

DEFINATELY! many sports give you privilages because maybe oneday you might have a walking problem like maybe you have broken your ankle or your leg, so doing the slightest exe (MORE)
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Is it privilege or priviledge?

The correct spelling is "privilege." Phonetically speaking, one  might presume that "priviledge" is the correct spelling; however,  it is the presence of privilege's hard "G (MORE)

What privileges did the nobility have?

he French nobility (French: la noblesse) was the privileged social class in France during the Middle Agesand the Early Modern period until the French Revolution in 1789. The n (MORE)