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What is privilege?

Privilege is the set of special bonuses which one group of people have and others do not.

What is composite privilege?

A vulnerability has been reported in X11, which potentially can be exploited by malicious, local users to gain escalated privileges. The vulnerability is caused due t (MORE)

What are senior privileges?

They are examples of special tremeatment in which certain members of the high school senior class recieve. This may include coming into school late or leaving early, leaving c (MORE)

What are revoked privileges?

They are privileges which a person had once recieved, but they may no longer be used because the person has voided his or her privileges by breaking the rules in some way. In (MORE)

Why is education a privilege?

Because some people in "towns" or places of poverty can't afford to go to a school, or the town cannot afford funding for teaching, and without education children from the are (MORE)

What are choice privileges?

"Choice privileges is a reward system for people who stay at Choice Hotels. You can accrue them by staying at the hotel, and can exchange them for free rooms and more."

What are the privileges of Buddhism?

I perceive Buddhism more like a philosophy of life and training of a peaceful mind. None of the religions train u to work on creating a peace in ur mind before u dive into ur (MORE)

What was abolition of privilege?

As we know in the French Revolution there were 3 Estates- Clergy , Nobility and Commoners A special privilege was enjoyed by Clergy and Nobility by birth- No Taxes there were (MORE)