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What is a Faustian Choice?

A Faustian Choice is, in fact, no choice at all. For example, if I am at the top of a cliff and being pursued by spear-wielding natives, do I jump off one side of the cliff or (MORE)

What is the difference between pro-life and pro-choice?

Pro-life is against abortion. They think the fetus is a creature of it's own and that the mother does not have the right to decide whether it should live or not. Pro-choice (MORE)

What is a fielder's choice?

Official Baseball Rules section 2.00 Definition of Terms: A fielders choice is the act of a fielder who handles a fair grounder and, instead of throwing to first base to put o (MORE)

What is Scarcity and Choice?

scarcity is a situation when demand for a good exceeds its supply even at a zero price and choice is a consequence of scarcity. choice emerges when limited resources are to be (MORE)

Was Richard Nixon pro choice?

  Nixon was quietly pro-choice. He avoided addressing the question during his Presidency because he didn't have to. In the 1972 campaign, the Republicans called McGovern t (MORE)

How much money do the different pro-life and pro-choice organizations spend lobbying in congress?

    In 2006, Pro-life Political Action Committees donated $411,569 while Pro-Choice Political Action Committees donated $881,172     Of the $411,569 contributio (MORE)

Is Supreme Court Justice Charles T. Wells from Florida pro-life or pro-choice?

He is more pro choice, He ruled on parental notification in support, to have parents be notified of a child's abortion.     He might be more accurately described as p (MORE)

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