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Does Proactiv work?

proactiv only works for a period of 6 months, and that has been scientificly shown. the power that it brings to your skin is what gets rid of acne and occasionaly blackheads, (MORE)

What is the opposite of proactive?

The literal opposite is "reactive" (acting afterwards instead of before). Other antonyms could include apathetic or unconcerned.

What is proactive policing?

It is policing that emphasizes stopping crimes before they occur, rather than reacting to crimes that have already occurred. A police action where there is no suggestion of a (MORE)

What is proactive attitude?

A proactive attitude means that the person is not just sittingthere waiting for things to happen. The proactive person is outthere making things happen to achieve their goals. (MORE)

Proactive in a sentence?

Proactive means that someone controls a situation by causingsomething to happen instead of letting something else happen. Agood sentence would be, be proactive and study for t (MORE)

What is in proactiv?

Proactiv is world's number one acne system. Proactiv is a range of blemish control and skin care products that combine powerful ingredients that work to prevent and control bl (MORE)