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An example of drama?

An example of a drama would be Romeo and Juliet. It is one of the  classics, and the example that many would use when talking about  dramas.

What is Chinese drama?

IT is the opinion of modern scholars that drama was not native to China, but was introduced, probably in rather an advanced state, by the Mongols in the thirteenth century. Du (MORE)

What are the elements of drama?

the basic elements of drama: 1. Voice - your volume; clarity; and rate 2. Body Movement - gives exaggerated gesture and facial expressions 3. Emotional expressions - emo (MORE)

What does a narrator do in drama?

A narrator tells the outline of the story/play in as little or as much detail as needed. This depends on the audience and the type of play being acted out. For instance, in a (MORE)

How did drama begin?

As singing and dancing for the gods in forest glades. Then the  dancing floor was built, and seats made in a semicircle for an  audience. Actors were added, first one to rel (MORE)

What is Accent in drama?

accent in drama; national and regional speech differences are evident in the pronunciation and selection of words and in the inflection of sentences. train your ears to catch (MORE)

What is a duologue in drama?

A duologue is a conversation between two people. In drama, a duologue is a dialogue where both people have about the same amount of lines. It's like a monologue but with two p (MORE)

What is straight drama?

A straight play is a term used to describe a form of theatrical production featuring spoken drama. While music is one of Aristotle's six elements of theatre, a straight play d (MORE)

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