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Development of drama?

Classical Greek drama developed from the poetry of goat herds,  which told the stories of tragic heroes. Ancient Athenian comedy  was based on real people and current events (MORE)

What is type of drama?

It's like what kind of drama do we have!  Sad Endings-Tragedy  Happy Endings-Comedy    Then the Tragedy is divided into:   Traditional, Senecan Tragedy , Revenge (MORE)
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Is Macbeth a drama?

By modern standards, it could be. Though in terms of Shakespeare, Macbeth is a tragedy (thus the original name, The Tragedy of Macbeth). There is no particular reason why it c (MORE)

What is foreshadow in drama?

Foreshadowing in drama (or anything else for that matter) is when the author/playwright/director sets up the play or action so that something will occur that has already been (MORE)

How can you improve drama?

You can most definetly improve drama! It's one of those things that can and most of the time always need to be changed and improved. Here are some tips: - the three most impor (MORE)

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What is improvisation in drama?

Improvisation is when you make it up as you go along, however it doesn't mean that you don't have to practise. You just don't have a script.
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What are the values of drama?

The value of drama is to create and to be creative. It provides an  outlet for emotion, thoughts, values, and dreams. These such  qualities need such an outlet to be express (MORE)

What are dance drama?

dance is when you feel free and just start to dance. drama is when you act out things or you can mime.
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What is traverse in drama?

Traverse is also known as courtyard where the characters act and move sideways . The audience is at the sides of the group or your self where your acting . The best positions (MORE)
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What is prose drama?

Any dramatic work where the actors speak in prose. Which means most of them nowadays. Verse dramas, like those written by Shakespeare, Goethe and Rostand, are definately out o (MORE)