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What is Avant Full Name?

  If yoy're talking about Avant the R&B singer, his full name is Myron Lavell Avant.   If you're talking about Avant, the R&B singer, his full name is Myron Lavell Avan (MORE)

How do you say avant-garde in English?

Avant-guard means literally in English "vanguard. As an adjective, it is used to refer to people or works that are innovative, particularly with respect to art and politics. A (MORE)

What are the rules of proceedings?

The rules of proceedings are the rules that will govern a congress.  Any Congress of the United States comes up with a set of rules  which it approves and upholds for runnin (MORE)

What is a garde manger?

  a garde manger is a chef responsible for cold food preparation like salads, and salad dressing, cold appetizers and similar dishes

What is avant garde?

Avant-garde is a French word meaning "vanguard" or "fore-guard"in military language. In science, it means "top of the art", and inart, indicates a style which seeks innovation (MORE)

What is avant-gardiste in English?

Avant-garde is the English term for the French phrase  'avant-gardiste.' Something that is avant-garde pushes the envelope  in terms of acceptable behavior, or form. It usua (MORE)
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Who or what is Copain d Avant?

Copain d Avant was a famous person who sailed the ocean blue and did many great things while out traveling the seas. He is a very famous sailor who will be remembered forever. (MORE)