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What is a process?

A process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achievea particular end.
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What is Zombie Process and Orphan Process?

Zombie : Child Process Exits before Parent process and Parent does not grab status of child process using wait() or waitpid() system call; Child process is in Zombie state. (MORE)

What are processed foods?

The term 'processed food' applies to any food that has been altered  from its natural state in some way. This can be to improve the  safety of the food or for convenience. T (MORE)

What is processer?

The basic functionality of processor is to get instruction at the client or user or automated machine side and and analyse it, after analysis it responds to user required info (MORE)

What is boot process?

The boot process is the start up of a computerized system. The  booting process can be difficult after electrical power or simple  when those power-on correctly.
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What is the chloralkali process?

  A chloralkali process always implies the electrolysis of common salt or sodium chloride. Depending on the method several products beside hydrogen can be produced.
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What is a process worker?

A process worker is someone who works as part of a production line.  It covers a range of fields (anything from food preparation to  manufacturing machinery) but is usually (MORE)
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What is motivation process?

What is the motivational process?    The motivational process is the steps that you take to get motivated. It is a process, that when followed produces incredible resul (MORE)
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Which is correct grammar on the process or in the process?

I would say it depends on how "process " is used. He is in the process of preparing dinner . He wrote a paper on the process for making steel.
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