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Is archaeology fun?

Absolutely! Archaeologist get to dig in dirt and find amazing artefacts, which tell us many stories about the past. You spend months in the field sometimes, and the people you (MORE)

How dangerous is archaeology?

As a post grad student of archaeology and someone who has spent several years doing casual yet constant field work, I would have to say archaeology would be considered a relat (MORE)

What is an archaeological dig?

It is an area which is slowly, carefully and methodically excavated under the supervision of one or more archaeologists. The goal is to find and preserve historical evidence o (MORE)
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What are Archaeological Sources?

Archaeological sources are the primary fact or evidence supporting  a theory or belief.     A source could be written testimony of an event, occasion or  ceremony, (MORE)

What is interpretative archaeology?

Interpretative archaeology is one of the latest trends regarding Archaeological Theory (i.e. the way we view archaeological data, the methodology and theoretical background th (MORE)

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What is archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of material remains related to the human  past. Such remains include monumental structures such as the  pyramids of Egypt, to microscopic plant frag (MORE)

Why is archaeology important?

Archaeology is the study of human culture in historic as well as pre-historic times, by examining the material remains of early human settlements. These material remains may r (MORE)

What is archaeological evidence?

Archaeological evidence is not just a stele, piece of pottery or foundation of an ancient building. It is also provenance, context and analysis. Provenance includes evidence (MORE)
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