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What is a stimulant prodrug?

A prodrug is a drug that is inactive when you take it (when it is administered), but then becomes active once your body starts to break it down (usually through metabolism). S ( Full Answer )
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Aspirin a prodrug?

No it's not a prodrug it works by acetylating the serine in the 530 position of COX and is then converted to salicylic acid which is inactive. It acts by preventing Arachadoni ( Full Answer )

What ADHD prodrugs exist?

Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) is the first ADHD prodrug. It is the prodrug of dextroamphetamine and has been found to last longer and be more effective; Vyvanse is also less abus ( Full Answer )
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What is prodrug?

A prodrug is a pharmacological substance ( drug ) that is administered in an inactive (or significantly less active) form. Once administered, the prodrug is metabolised ( Full Answer )
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List of prodrugs user in cancer treatment?

Some cancer therapy prodrugs include: cyclophosphamide capecitabine dacarbazine - is ONLY converted to active form by the liver 5-Fluorouracil etoposide phosphate gemcitabine ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of a prodrug?

A prodrug actually has several biopharmaceutical benifits. First of all, it is important to understand the definition of a prodrug. A prodrug is a drug that is taken inactive, ( Full Answer )
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How do prodrug work?

Prodrugs are big reversible derivatives of drug molecules thatundergo an enzymatic and/or chemical transformation in vivo torelease the active parent drug, which can then exer ( Full Answer )
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What are the different types of carrier-linked prodrug?

The different types of carrier-linked prodrugs are bipartite,tripartite, and mutual. Bipartite structures consist of a carrierlinked to a prodrug. Tripartite structues have a ( Full Answer )
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How can the hydrolysis rate of prodrugs be accelerated?

If the base hydrolysis mechanism is important, an electronwithdrawing group can be attached to the prodrug. If the acidhydrolysis mechanism is important, an electron donating ( Full Answer )