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What is an producer?

In a biome, a producer is any plant that can make its own food such  as a tree or flower
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Is a wildflower a producer?

yes a wildflower is a producer because it gives off certain things that the earth needs to survive/ bees and other insects a wild flower is just like a real regular flower so (MORE)
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How is hydropower produced?

Hydropower usually starts with a water magazine, a dam. A controlled amount of water is led away from the dam, and on to a water wheel, also called a turbine. The force of the (MORE)

What does a producer do?

In the film industry the producer of a film has responsibility for all of the financial aspects of the movie he is producing. He organizes the operational requirements of the (MORE)
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Why are producers called producers?

Producers are called producers because they produce the food on the  bottom of the food chain. Producers are typically plants that other  animals eat.
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What does DuPont produce?

The DuPont company produces products for all the categories listed below:AgricultureBuilding & ConstructionElectronicsEnergy & UtilitiesGovernmentHealth Care & MedicalManufact (MORE)
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What are producers?

Producers are organisms that are able to create their own food, through photosynthesis. Producers are at the lowest part of the energy pyramid.
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What is a producer?

In a biome, a producer is any plant such as a tree or flower. It is called a producer because it Produces starch and oxygen to the whole atmosphere using sunlight, water and (MORE)
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What is heirloom produce?

In order for produce to be considered as being heirloom, it must come from a plant that is over 70 years old. Heirloom tomatoes have the biggest selection in this category of (MORE)