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What is a producer?

In a biome, a producer is any plant such as a tree or flower. It is called a producer because it Produces starch and oxygen to the whole atmosphere using sunlight, water (MORE)
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What does a producer do?

In the film industry the producer of a film has responsibility for all of the financial aspects of the movie he is producing. He organizes the operational requirements of the (MORE)
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What are producers?

Producers are organisms that are able to create their own food, through photosynthesis. Producers are at the lowest part of the energy pyramid.

What is produce?

Answer . Different meanings of produce:. produce (MAKE) . produce (FILM/BROADCASTING) . produce (RECORDING) . produce (BRING OUT) . produce (CAUSE) . produce (RESULT (MORE)
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A producer is?

a producer is a guy or girl who nows how to take noises and put them in rhythm and they can use all types of machines and music samples tomake music. a producer is also called (MORE)
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What do producers produce?

Producers produce energy, to put it simply. Food chains and webs are all about the flow of energy and who's getting energy from where. Since producers are at the bottom of foo (MORE)

How do they produce?

well you plant some thing into the ground and then you wait till it has grown and then you then produced a pink flower or any color flower.