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Feasibility study and business plan on soap production?

A feasibility study and business plan for soap production should  include the materials and chemicals that will be needed. Have an  idea of how much money is spent on purcha (MORE)

Describe and evaluate Giordano product business and corporate strategies?

Product Strategy: Giordano sees itself as being more than just a retailer of casual apparel. It was able to successfully incorporate customer service as part of its product. B (MORE)

What factors influence the types of production a business should use?

the factors that influence the types of production a business should use are:- the size of the market,the type of production demanded,technological aspects of the product that (MORE)

What is the importance of production management in business?

we can say production management is the life blood of any business,through the production business can increase its profitability and minimize its cost of production.
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How does communication help business productivity?

to communicate brings other peoples knowledge to help towards the answer you are looking for.
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How do businesses market their products?

businesses market their products in the form of advertising. for eg .would u have ,ever known that loreal sells shampoo or has introduced a new shampoo for hair damage ..adver (MORE)