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What is ease production?

Ease mean easy to use or consume, convenience. I give example from Fast Moving Consumer Goods like fruits, beverage, milk, juice, fast food, nuts, processed meat and ready to (MORE)

Differentiate joint product and by-product?

Joint products are two or more products manufactured simultaneously through the same process. The common manufacturing costs are called joint costs. Each product has a signifi (MORE)
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What is the product of peptidase?

As the popmatic system of proteins leaves a dead cells phospholipid bilayer the peptidase frees from ones immune system to create a network of blood clotting Amino acids, ther (MORE)

What are dairy products?

Dairy products are made from animal milk, and include butter, cheese, cream and so forth. In supermarkets, vegetal dairy products such as those based on soy milk, rice milk, (MORE)
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What is products?

The noun 'product' is a word for an article or substance that is  manufactured or refined for sale; the number or expression  resulting from the multiplication of two or mor (MORE)

What is product adoption?

The five stages of adoption. The consumer adoption process is a  five- stage process that consumers use to assess new products.  Through this process consumers will decide w (MORE)

What is productivity and what can you do to be a productive worker?

Productivity is the amount of work done or items produced divided by the amount of people or time it took to do that work. If you make 8 widgets in 2 hours that is 4 widgets (MORE)