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What is meant by complementary products?

Complementary products are the products that are manufactured together, sold together, bought together, or used together. One aids or enhances the other. . The products that (MORE)

What is meant by 1.5 MMT production?

The abbreviation MMT is sometimes used in industry, and means " million metric tons " (1 x 10 6 tonnes), where one tonne equals 1000 kg. The figure 1.5 MMT would then be one (MORE)

What is meant by a bundle of satisfaction in a product?

In simple explanation, bundle of satisfaction means the actualproduct. The product that fulfills the need in the market, the needin for which the business was started. It is t (MORE)
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What is meant by the term products?

The term products is another way of saying what wasmade. For example; if you were to mix hydrogen sulfate andmagnesium, your product would be thehydrogen that was made (MORE)