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1 What is meant by System Productivity Give examples?

Productivity is generally expressed as the ratio of outputs to inputs. Productivity can be calculated for a single operation, a functional unit, a department division or a pla (MORE)
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What is meant by productive population?

Productive population is the working population, i.e. the percent of citizens who are employed. Not all productive citizens are "gainfully employed", however, meaning they don (MORE)

What is meant by 1.5 MMT production?

The abbreviation MMT is sometimes used in industry, and means "million metric tons" (1 x 106 tonnes), where one tonne equals 1000 kg. The figure 1.5 MMT would then be one and (MORE)

What is meant by complementary products?

Complementary products are the products that are manufactured together, sold together, bought together, or used together. One aids or enhances the other.   The products t (MORE)

What is meant by labaur productivity and show how change in labor productivity may affect on economy production possibility curve?

Labour productivity = production/labour When productivity changes, it affects how productive an economy is. Labour, as an input in production, helps to determine total output. (MORE)

What is meant by time utility and place utility and identify how the transportation function adds utility to product?

PLACE UTILITY - The movement acrosss place or distance of one  product to its destination.  TIME UTILITY - created by warehousing and storing products until  they are neede (MORE)

What is meant by the term cost of sales when buying and selling products?

Cost of Sales is also known as Cost of Goods Sold. Basically it is the cost of purchasing and/or manufacturing the goods sold. Accountants usually calculate with: Opening Stoc (MORE)
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What is products?

The noun 'product' is a word for an article or substance that is  manufactured or refined for sale; the number or expression  resulting from the multiplication of two or mor (MORE)