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What is the plural form of Prof?

Are you after the plural of the abrevieation? (i.e. Mr becomes Messrs)...I'm not sure there is one for Prof.   Probably easier to use Professors
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Who was Prof Charles F Lombard?

Dr. Lombard was a University of Southern California professor in USC Medical School. He developed and patented one of the first crash helmets. He was a Lt. Col. in the US Air (MORE)
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What time does cosmo prof open?

It is open Mon: 8 :00 AM-6 :00 PM Tue: 8 :00 AM-6 :00 PM Wed: 8 :00 AM-6 :00 PM Thu: 8 :00 AM-6 :00 PM Fri: 8 :00 AM-6 :00 PM Sat: 8 :00 AM-4 :00 PM Sun: Closed

Is Bradford a good place to live?

Bradford is a fairly good place to live. Bradford may have been the setting of serious crimes in the past though Bradford is pretty safe today. Parts of Bradford are among the (MORE)

What was the Bradford riots?

  The Bradford Riots were a short but intense period of rioting which began on July 7,2001 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. It occurred as a result of heightened tens (MORE)

Who were the Bradford pals?

"Pals" battalions in the British Army were formed as part of the effort to keep men enlisting, thus avoiding the need for conscription (a "draft"). The early pre-war British p (MORE)
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What is prof arroyo answers and questios on hi2?

Q: What is the name of the landform that has steep sides and a flat top? A: Mesa Q:Mountains can be formed by erosion, volcanoes, or a process called what? A: PlateConvergence (MORE)