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Who made profanity?

the pietistic will say it was the sacrilegious   but in reality all is equally sacred & nothing is profane  indeed the very notion of profanity is just another scam by (MORE)

What does it mean to use profanity?

It means to use crude, vulgar, or offensive language.    Originally, to profane was to make statements that conflicted with  or insulted the teachings of the church. B (MORE)

Why do people use profanity?

Over time and through use some words have had emotional connotations attached to them. When people want to evoke an emotional response in conversation they often resort to usi (MORE)

What is profanity?

A profanity is the improper use of a sacred or divine name to express strong usually negative emotions such as anger or fear. Language or gestures that demonstrate irreveren (MORE)

Where did profanity come from?

Profanity, cursing, swearing, using bad language ... all comes from trying to talk about something you are not supposed to be talking about. Most profanity falls into one or m (MORE)
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Why is profanity disrespectful?

That is because it has something to do with people's races, religion, and it may refer to the genetalia.

Is profanity in Michigan against the law?

Yes, there is a Statute MCL 750.337. Since the late 1800s it has  been a law that it is unlawful to curse or swear in front of women  or children. However People v. Boomer, (MORE)