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Is bullsh't a profanity?

  Answer   Profanity is profane language. It is verbiage that disrespects, defiles, desecrates or shows contempt for what sacred, or that which disregards what is ac (MORE)

Where did profanity come from?

Profanity, cursing, swearing, using bad language ... all comes from trying to talk about something you are not supposed to be talking about. Most profanity falls into one or m (MORE)

What is profane?

Defined by as: characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things; irreligious.
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What is profanity?

A profanity is the improper use of a sacred or divine name to express strong usually negative emotions such as anger or fear. Language or gestures that demonstrate irreveren (MORE)

Is profanity illegal?

No. Protected freedom under the Constitution.Profanity, generally no law against that, but depending on the  circumstances and setting, the use of profanity could evolve into (MORE)

How do you define 'profanity'?

Here is how I define 'profanity': NOUN 1) the irreverent use of the name of God, Jesus, or another divine being 2) offensive language in general, especially language ref (MORE)
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When profanity started?

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What is compulsive profanity?

Compulsive profanity is a type of anxiety disorder that is  characterized by unpleasant and unwanted thoughts which keep  recurring and are obsessive in nature. And the pers (MORE)