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What is a professional degree?

Hi, A professional degree is a degree, the course curriculum of which is concentrated on a particular industry. For example - Engineering in computer science constitutes of (MORE)
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What is professional?

A professional is one who after being expert in a particular field, serves for those which needs services in that particular field. Professions can be distinguished from other (MORE)

What is the professionalism?

Professionalism is....... 1.Having pride in yourself and confidends in your abilities.. 2.Do your best and be your best.. 3.Achieve your full potential.. 4.Be on time no m (MORE)

What is a CPST professional?

Community Psychiatric Support Team/Treatment. It is a level of care related to mental health services and entails receiving mental health intervention and case management serv (MORE)

What is Professionalization?

Professionalization simply means recognizing the special skills and experience required to become a professional fish harvester. Professionalization involves bestowing profess (MORE)

Do you have to be a professional?

The choice is yours. The important issue revolves around what you wish to do with your career life. It's all about acquiring a vision. Read the following carefully. . The b (MORE)

What is a professional mourner?

A professional mourner is somebody who knows how to comfort loved ones of who the dead persons family and they cry and cry and cry and try to make the deceased feel loved and (MORE)