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What is a professional faster?

  A professional faster is one who makes a living by fasting. The phenomenon of “professional fasting” lasted from 1880-1922. Much like the performance art of today, a (MORE)

What is professional skepticism?

Professional skepticism is an attitude that is used to help  discover evidence of fraud or audits in a professional sense. It is  when questions are asked and investigations (MORE)

What is professional selling?

It is the person-to-person interaction between the representatives of a sales organization and the representatives of a buying organization resulting in the sale of a good
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What is a professional degree?

Hi, A professional degree is a degree, the course curriculum of which is concentrated on a particular industry. For example - Engineering in computer science constitutes of (MORE)

What is a CPST professional?

Community Psychiatric Support Team/Treatment. It is a level of care related to mental health services and entails receiving mental health intervention and case management serv (MORE)

Professionalism means what?

In the business world, professionalism means holding oneself to a higher standard. Including, but not limited to; 1) Adhering to a certain codes of ethics, appearance, attitud (MORE)

How do you spell professionalism?

That is the correct spelling of "professionalism" (working in a responsible, reasonable, and courteous way)
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