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How do professionals dry clean?

They have a dry clean machine and dry cleaning fluid(which you have to have a license to buy) and they have other things like steam guns to work on individual spots. They also ( Full Answer )
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A professional tooth cleaning is called what?

A professional dental cleaning is called a prophylaxis.Professional dental cleanings are an important part of dentalhygiene as they help prevent tarter buildup and tooth decay ( Full Answer )
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When should you ask a professional to clean your drain?

Drain cleaning is not an easy task. Asking a professional to do it can remove the headache of clearing a drain without the tools a professional would carry. If your drain back ( Full Answer )
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How much to professionally clean an oriental rug?

$1 per square foot is not an accurate price for a good cleaning on an oriental rug. That means for an 8 x 10 rug, you'd be paying $80, which is not an accurate price. If anyon ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a job in professional cleaning?

To get a job in professional cleaning people should contact local cleaning services. They can also check the want ads. To increase their chances to be accepted they should Cle ( Full Answer )
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How do you find out the best chimney cleaning professionals?

When searching for a chimney cleaning professional, it is importantto find someone you can trust. Doing research on the internet,asking friends and family in your area, or giv ( Full Answer )