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What is a professor?

A Professor is someone who gained knowledge of a particular subject area: history, English, geography, math, business, etc studying for many years at a college or university. (MORE)

How do you abbreviate professors?

For one professor, the abbreviation is Prof. For more than one, it's Profs. For example: Profs. Halper and McGrath attended the meeting yesterday.
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What do professors do?

The following is by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the nature of work of professors.   Postsecondary teachers instruct students in a wide (MORE)

Who is Professor Layton?

Professor Layton is the main character in the Professor Layton series on DS. On the start of Pandora's Box (the second game) it says that the characters bear no reference to (MORE)

What is a legum professor?

Legum professors are individuals whose work is funded by the Legum families of Leslie and Naomi who support a History professor at William and Mary and Jeffrey and Harriet who (MORE)

What is a doctor professor?

A doctor professor is a college level teacher who has earned a doctorate in their subject and has been promoted by the college to the position of professor. Depending on the p (MORE)

Who was the professor in tammy and the professor?

Wrong title- the show was called Nanny and the Professor- Nanny being both the character"s name on the show and her job title. an intriguing mix of an academic situation comed (MORE)