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What is a legum professor?

Legum professors are individuals whose work is funded by the Legum families of Leslie and Naomi who support a History professor at William and Mary and Jeffrey and Harriet who (MORE)

What is a knight professor?

Knight Foundation has established endowed chairs in journalism at  top universities nationwide. The chairs are leading journalists who  take positions as tenured professors (MORE)

Who is Professor Snape?

  Professor Snape is a character in "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling. He's the son of Eileen Prince and throughout most of the series, he is a potion master at school (MORE)

Who was the professor in tammy and the professor?

Wrong title- the show was called Nanny and the Professor- Nanny being both the character"s name on the show and her job title. an intriguing mix of an academic situation comed (MORE)

What is an Adjoint professor?

  An adjunct professor is a person hired to teach a particular class. He or she is not a full time employee of the institution. The person usually has an advanced degree i (MORE)