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What are your laguanges proficiency?

Nobody knows what your proficiencies are except for you. Someone on the internet will have different proficiencies.
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What is a proficient person?

A proficient person is someone who manages there time wisely is efficient and get the job done.
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What is listening proficiency?

The term "listening proficiency" refers to someone's (or evensomething's) capacity to capture audio-input of some kind. Thus, astudent's "listening proficiency" may be determi ( Full Answer )
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What is proficiency test?

A hands-on test of the ability to perform a task at a certain level of competence. Usually skilled or "master" welders, butchers, truck drivers, or secretaries, etc. help desi ( Full Answer )
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Why is English proficient?

There is some confusion here. One talks about a person being proficient in a language. One does not use proficient of things or languages. The is or was a well known cer ( Full Answer )
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What is technical proficiency?

The definition for technical proficiency used in the dance industryis the ability to perform certain dance movements consistently andaccurately. Technical proficiency can also ( Full Answer )
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How do you demonstrate proficiency?

There are various ways through which you can demonstrateproficiency. Some of the ways is being accurate, observing time,maintaining efficiency and so much more.
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What is the meaning of proficient?

It is to have a skill at doing something. Someone who has a greatskill or good knowledge or a high level of ability at something canbe said to be proficient. A skilled carpent ( Full Answer )
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What is proof of proficiency?

Technically it is a good input - output conversion, but anywhere else you might say it is victory.
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What is a Proficient WikiGuide?

The Proficient WikiGuide award is given at the end of each yearbeginning with 2013 to members of the Answers Community OutreachProgram who have completed 1000 missions or more ( Full Answer )