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What is profitability?

Bringing the customer back to the seller. Or, the ability to generate profits from sales, whether the sale is tangible (example: a good) or intangible (example: paid for kno ( Full Answer )
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What is profit?

Answer . Profit in generally is making of gain in business activity for the benefit of the owners of the business.. The official definition of the word profit is "a finan ( Full Answer )
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Gross profit and net profit?

Gross and Net profit are virtually the same. They both calculate EBT, earnings before taxes - all overhead and salaries.
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What are the similarities of profit and profitability?

Profit is a valuable return. Profitable will be the gain of a selling price that is over price and it sales. Profit is the total or absolute monetary difference between sa ( Full Answer )
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What is for profit?

A for profit company is a company that exists to make money, and itmay also serve a purpose.
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Why are profit and not-for-profit organisations different?

Profit organisation are generally those who want to make money eg: industrial companies such as builders. Not for profit organisations are those that serve the community or a ( Full Answer )
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Is it Non profit or Non Profit?

It is not a proper noun and will depend on how you are using it ina sentence. If you are starting the sentence with the word it isNon profit. Otherwise, it is non profit. non ( Full Answer )
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What is profit and non profit organization?

profit org. are those orgs. whose motive is to earn maximum profit bye ferforming legal activity like economic activities. Profit org. make P&L account and cash book nd non-pr ( Full Answer )