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How does progestin affect the female body?

Progestin is an artificial progesterone, which is the pregnancy hormone produced by the corpus luteum during luteal phase of the ovulation cycle. When progestins are introduce (MORE)
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What is exogenous progestin effect?

The exogenous progesterone effect, aka pill endometrium, occurs when a female takes a contraceptive consisting of progesterone. This causes a ripening of the endometrium consi (MORE)
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How effective is the progestin only pill?

This is from the insert that comes with the pills. "With perfect use, Mircronor® is 99.7% effective. With typical use, it is 92% effective in preventing pregnancy."

Do you get your period if you're on the progestin-only pill?

Some women have regular bleeding on the progestin-only pill, and some do not. Women on the mini-pill or progestin-only pill take an active pill every day; there is no pill-fre (MORE)
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How does progestin work as a contraceptive?

Progestin works as a contraceptive by allowing ones body to think that it is already pregnant so it stops releasing an egg. If an egg is released the uterus stops it from deve (MORE)