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What did the progressives do?

There were many social and economic questions that intellectuals had asked of the rapid changes from the Industrial Revolution and the growth of capitalism in America. Progres (MORE)

What did progressives do?

The Progressives were groups of reformers who supported farm relief  and lower taxes for lower wages. They tried to solve the political  and social problems which were preva (MORE)

How was the progressive era progressive?

it is just progressive i like what the person here wrote.. when i first saw this question i though it was stupid. i think before one ask this question, they must understand (MORE)
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What does progressive mean in progressive conservative?

While a conservative person is very right wing and holds more  traditional values and is typically against government  intervention, such as social programs, a progressive c (MORE)
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What did Progressives try to do in Progressive Era?

The Progressives sought to enable a purer form of government by eliminating the corruption often found in seats of power. They supported prohibition, women's suffrage and effi (MORE)