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What is a progress chaser?

  Progress chaserA team needs someone who is responsible for ensuring that the team is keeping to the schedule that the team members have set themselves and ensuring that (MORE)
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What is progressive disability?

A progressive disability is an illness or medical condition that is expected to worsen over time. Well known examples of progressive illnesses include Multiple sclerosis, Moto (MORE)

What instruments are used in progressive rock?

You would usually have a 3 piece or 4 piece band. The bare basics include drums, guitars, and bass. To add flavor, many progressive rock bands will several keyboards, and syn (MORE)
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What did Progressives try to do in Progressive Era?

The Progressives sought to enable a purer form of government by eliminating the corruption often found in seats of power. They supported prohibition, women's suffrage and effi (MORE)
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What is a progressive wave?

a free travelling wave the wave which transfers energy from one medium to other medium and it is called as disturbing wave
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What does Progress mean?

The development of an individual or society in a direction  considered more beneficial than an superior to the previous level.